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Are you ready for Season 2 of Gossip Girl on Dec. 1st?!?

I hope you everyone enjoyed the thanksgiving festivities, because I have one more juicy dish to bring to the table on this New York Sunday.

In giving my thanks, I’m grateful Gossip Girl existed, inspiring the Gossipnista podcast to be born, then bringing GG 2.0 to life in a bigger & bolder way, ultimately leading me to my run-in & interview with the talented & fun actor, Johnathan Fernandez, who plays Nick Lott, a series regular on the New Gossip Girl.

So the questions are…..has dad Nick Lott gone bad boy in the upcoming season of GG? And, do him & Zoya end up caught up in the glitz & glamour of Manhattan losing their bond along the way? Oh, and where does that unassuming relationship between Nick Lott and Ms. Kate Keller go? Rumor has it, it’s all or nothing. Sparks will fly as Georgina light’s up the second season and Monet de Haan had better watch out thinking she can be Queen B. The sisterly love/hate relationship between Zoya & Julien continues as does the ménage à trois with Max, Aki, and Audrey. So much to cover and so little time!

You’ll have to tune into my podcast interview with Johnathan to get the scoop on some of these topics, plus get a behind the scenes story of the GG cast members living in the city. Johnathan will of course, share his relationship with New York and his perspective as a native, as well as dive into his acting career.

And might there be another O.G. cast member making any appearance this upcoming season - I'll never tell! Enjoy the interview.

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