Rachel Soloff and Andrew McKnight: Pioneering Monoclonal Antibody Discovery and Development


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Our episode features two leaders at the global specialty pharmaceutical company Kyowa Kirin. Kyowa Kirin has a particular focus on the discovery and development of novel, first-in-class medicines that have a profound impact on patients in multiple therapeutic areas. Rachel Soloff is an executive director of research with expertise in immunology and the discovery of novel monoclonal antibodies and small molecule therapeutic compounds for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. She oversees the KK US-Research activities, which are focused on target discovery and validation, and leads candidate discovery for multiple innovative pipeline projects. Andrew McKnight currently holds the position of president and CSO at Kyowa Kirin Pharmaceutical Research. He is responsible for early-stage drug discovery within Kyowa Kirin’s Immunology & Allergy division.

In this episode, we discuss the various clinical and commercial products discovered and developed at Kyowa Kirin. Through Innovative approaches to antibody engineering, KK has been able to consistently maintain a pipeline of products to treat a wide variety of disorders.

Hosted by Joe Varriale and Gustavo Carrizo.

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