The impact of technological change on public services


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Coronavirus has led to the rapid adoption of technologies that have been contemplated for years but had not been widely used before the crisis. There has been a fundamental shift towards delivering services remotely, such as school lessons, NHS appointments, and court hearings being conducted via video, telephone and text messages. Without this, many services would have ground to a halt. What impact has the increased use of technology had on the quality, efficiency and accessibility of public services? This event was part of the IfG's fringe events programme at the 2021 Labour Party Conference in Brighton. Speakers: • Chi Onwurah MP, Shadow Minister for Science, Research and Digital • Steve Black, Chief Analyst, askmyGP • Penelope Gibbs, Director of Transform Justice • Elaine Whyte, Partner at PA Consulting This event was chaired by Alex Thomas, Programme Director at the Institute for Government. Kindly supported by PA Consulting.

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