5 - Conditions of Prayer - Explanation of Shaykh ibn Baaz | Abdulhakeem Mitchell | Manchester


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Recap: How many pillars does the prayer have? How many conditions does the prayer have? Today’s lesson: What is the meaning of the Isti’aadah? Brief Tafseer and Explanation of Surah Faatihah What is the ruling on seeking Aid? Is it always impermissible? What are the types of seeking aid (Isti’aanah)? What is the ruling on asking for money? How do we know if a command is an obligation or not? The hadith of the one who did not know how to pray An example of the excellent teaching manner of the prophet, peace be upon him Streamed live by Sunnah Radio. For more recorded lectures go to www.LearnAboutIslam.co.uk

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