Tom Brady - 17th Game & The CBA


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Tom Brady kicks off the show by talking about how he spent his Bye Week, which included playing a lot of golf, which he doesn't normally do during the season. Tom explains to Jim Gray how the bye week provided a nice time to reflect on the things you have done well and the things you need to improve upon for the rest of the season. Then Brady dives into the 17th regular season game and the fact that it feels like a pointless game and how he believes most players feel the same way. The conversation evolved into a discussion about the CBA and what negotiations have been like in the past between the players and owners. The Bucs are back on the field this week and Tom dives into his team's matchup against Chase Young and the Washington Football Team. Finally TB 12 wraps up the episode by answering some fun and weird questions by his followers on social media.

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