Ep158: Dominating a New Market with Jeffery Higgins


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On the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast today we're talking with Jeffrey Higgins from Beverly Hills, Michigan, where he started as a commercial real estate agent, but is now focused on the residential side.

He's just getting started in an area and running his Getting Listings program to establish himself in a new, targetted neighborhood.

We talked a lot about this whole idea of selecting an area. How to choose the area, and how to parlay your beginning into something that can grow with the profits you make from the early transactions.

This is a great conversations, and we talked a little about the psychology of why the offers we make in the Getting Listings program are so responsive.

Jeffrey is an idea guy just like me, and he likes to take something that's supposed to be a turnkey solution, and use that as a jumping off point for even bigger results and we can use his story to talk about how we all work through the beginning stages of getting established, before looking at Finding Buyers for the listings you're going to get as a result of the Getting Listings program.

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