#C1180_220602_Kari Laumann and Samson Yoseph Esaias: Sandbox for responsible artificial intelligence


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Creating a sandbox environment, who do you invite in and why. When they are invited, what rules of the game need to be in place? This is a part of the series we are creating together with BI Business School, to explore main challenges and opportunities to create good AI, as part of the BI Business School course Responsible AI Leadership. Our guest today is Kari Laumann, section leader at Datatilsynet, with a mission to help take care of peoples’ privacy.

Recommended literature:

  • Coded bias. Netflix documentary
  • Atlas of AI av Cate Crawford
  • Ekko av Lena Lindgren
  • Digital revolusjon av Hilde Nagell
  • Datatilsynet. Report (2018) on AI and privacy where we identify some unique challenges for AI.

You will LØRN:

  • What is the motivation behind the AI Sandbox and criteria for selection of participants?
  • The public and private sector angles. Are there differences in the issues they encounter and on how you work with the two sectors?
  • Challenges and risks of participatory regulation, how do you tackle risks of capture?

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