#0993: AI: Eli Haugerud: Cluster methodology: To stand stronger together


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In this episode of LØRN, Silvija talks with Eli Haugerud, who is Head of Clusters in Smart Innovation Norway. Eli is a talented woman who knows several different areas within AI. In the conversation, Eli and Silvija talk about smart energy markets, computer-driven companies, and strategic innovation. Eli further says that she hopes that AI will eventually become more widespread among several sectors in Norway, as it opens more doors and opportunities both internationally and in the form of cooperation.

— AI and technology do not have to be a threat, it will give us support and more opportunities.

You will LØRN about:

AI and Machine learning

Strategic innovation


Changes in the energy markets

Recommended literature:

The movie iHuman

Det nye digitale Norge – and article collection about new technologies

Digital transformasjon og bærekraft – A study on NTNU by Arne Krokan.

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