An Actor’s Journey with Phil Donlon


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This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Phil Donlon, an actor/director/writer who is currently filming Starz’s Power Book IV: Force in which he portrays the recurring role of “Simon McDougal.” Listen as Phil shares his experience as a working actor and how he adapts between stage and screen roles. Then stick around as Phil and Paul look back at some of Phil’s past roles and discuss how he transformed himself physically and emotionally for them.

This episode covers:

  • The difference between acting for stage and screen
  • When and how to make narration work in scripts
  • The importance of having mentors when doing creative work
  • The toll of physical and emotional transformation for roles
  • How Phil’s athletic past shaped his acting style
  • The experience of seeing a film you’re in for the first time


Phil Donlon is an Actor/Director/Writer who hails from Chicago and is currently recurring as “Simon McDougal” on the much-anticipated Starz show Power Book IV: Force.

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