Carla Harris: How to maximize your success by being yourself


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– If you have never shown who you really are, there is a part of you who is afraid to show who you really are because you are afraid that it will not be accepted and embraced.

This is one of many interesting takes from this week's guest in OBF-podden, Carla Harris. The Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley spoke about tools for maximizing your success at this year's Oslo Business Forum.

In this episode she talks about the energy from speaking in front of a live audience again, why people fear to be themselves at work and how to lead in a shifting environment. Together with host Tor Haugnes she further discusses the long term effects of the pandemic. Carla argues that companies now should try to define what it actually means to be together.

In this episode you will also hear discussions regarding questions like:

– How will the future hybrid office work?

– Why are so many people constrained by fear?

– What is the first thing Carla does when she is leading a new team?

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