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Viva Gareth Bale! Ahead of Wales' big World Cup Play-off game against Ukraine this weekend, we decided to dedicate a whole episode to all things Gareth Frank Bale to get us in the mood. Joining us to talk all things Bale was Welsh football fan Ralph Davies, who joined us for some joyous chat about a famous hatrick, famous performances and a host of famous freekicks from our favourite Welshman, as well as discussing if Gareth Bale is the greatest Welsh footballer of all-time and what the future holds for Wales post-Bale
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Matt's Choices
1. Bale's hatrick v Inter Milan at the San Siro
2. Bale's 2012/2013 Season at Tottenham
3. Bale v the Spanish press
Marc's Choices
1. Bale's first international goal - the freekick v Slovakia in 2006
2. Bale v Israel in 2005
3. Bale's freekick v Austria in 2022
Ralph'a Choices
1. Liechtenstein 0-2 Wales - Bale in attack
2. Bale's goal v Scotland in 2013
3. Bale's freekick v Slovakia at Euro 2016
Music: Chimez by Dan Henig

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