Secular Sexuality 09.13 03-31-2022 with Christy Powell and Chrissy Stroop


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When you don’t believe in god or hell or eternal damnation and think that sex and body positivity are important values, it can be really hard to find exactly the right words to describe what is going on in state legislatures all across the country. If these queer targeted and religiously minded policies really do reflect the prevailing culture of the land then I suppose while in Rome we can swear as the Christian nationalists do and goddamn this f*cking dumbass bigotry straight to hell. Journalist and friend of the show Chrissy Stroop returns this week to help us sift through the grandstanding, redraw the gerrymandering and work to undo the harm brought on by what the Human Rights Campaign is calling the worst year in recent history for state legislation attacking LGBTQ equality. Grab your reading glasses and a couple aspirin as we dig into the legislation, answer your calls and questions and proudly say “Gay!” plus what’s turning us on this week on SecX.
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