Episode 138: How Public Safety Can Optimize Fire Ground Data & Decision-Making with Alex Gorsuch | TSI Mini Series


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How can you maximize brain power - and what does that really mean?

Hello Smart Firefighting Community!

Welcome to another episode of covering real world innovations via interviews with fire service and technology industry experts that empower YOU to develop your very own Smart Firefighting strategy!

This is the second episode of our TSI Mini Series. Hosted in Texas during October 2022, Technology Summit International - IAFC's newest conference - brought the tech of the future to today’s fire and emergency service professionals — helping them reduce risks to their communities, improve their ability to respond to emergencies, and save lives.

In this episode:

  • How to use data to make informed decisions
  • Why customer feedback should be the design philosophy
  • How to reduce first responders' cognitive load

Hear from Alex Gorsuch, the co-founder and CTO of Ascent Integrated Tech which builds the unifying command dashboard for warfighters, firefighters, and SWAT officers by providing actionable insight on the health, environment, and location of the operator.

Alex led the development and deployment of many low SWaP-C ruggedized autonomous systems, diagnostics, human performance technology, and sensor arrays for defense and first responder operators. He also taught customer discovery plus tech and venture development for 5+ years, for the Army Research Lab, Department of Homeland Security, National Science Foundation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and more. Currently, Alex is writing "Hyenas Eat Unicorns: A Carnivore's Workbook for Mission-Driven Tech Entrepreneurship".

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