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Mark Colburn’s “BEER Talks” session will cover three main topics – Marketing, Merchandising & Motivation. In this session, Mark draws on decades of alcohol industry experience sharing his ideas and passion on Target Market Definition, Key Differentiating Advantage, the Marketing Story & Its Vital Role, “the Castle Keep” distribution strategy, Experiential Events, “McQueen Cool Brand Standing,” brand ambassador “do’s & don’ts,” “Clutter Busting” sales rep incentives, “Fun-kifyzation,” and a look into his crystal keg. The presentation will be tailored to brewery, cider, & spirits marketing professionals, taproom management, Chamber of Commerce Directors, brewing-related Academics and Tourism Improvement District executives. Be sure to join Mark for a breath of fresh hops. In the meantime, check out his podcast series, “The Shinerunner Show” or his book: Craft Beer Marketing & Distribution – Brace for SKUmeggedon

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