EP 127 Montana: The Redington Rodeo with Kate and Scotty Sherin


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The So Fly Crew sit with Kate and Scotty Sherin to discuss their recent trip to Montana with the Redington team. Kate and Scotty are two very fishy anglers from the east coast of Canada. Together along with Mitch and Aldo, they went to Missoula Montana and spent a week fishing trout on incredible rivers with the whole Redington squad!

In this episode, the four Canadians talk about travelling down to this Montana region for the first time (well, Aldo's been).

Special thanks and all the love to Ethan, DL, Allie, Clay, Jeff, Kayla, KC, Mario, Jean and Juniper. It was a very special trip with a very special crew.

FIND KATE AND SCOTTY: http://sherincreative.com/

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