Eung Ju Kim: Community Spotlight - Beauty in the Chaos


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Eung Ju Kim (Sean) has become a staple in the Beginner Photography Podcast community since buying his camera in early 2018. Since then he has been sharing his work and it continues to develop and advance. His landscapes and beach scenes are simple and relaxing. Today we talk about what photography means to him and his plans to progress is photography in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Starting his photography career with nature sceneries was associated with hiking, which he did more often following a distressing break up with his girlfriend.

  • Sean describes 'finding the beauty of what's there, either in an ugly chaotic scene or in my stage of sadness was the key to finding the true beauty of my journey.

  • Looking back, Sean explains how with experience, he started being able to identify things he could have done differently in a picture and how to look out for such things.

  • Sean explains the motivation behind intentionally creating images with huge surroundings, landscape and people by noting that when we focus on something bigger, our problems seem to be small. His Christian faith also played a role in this preference.

  • Sean explains that he is bored with taking pictures of people, and is trying to figure out what he can add to it.

  • The inspiration for Sean's photography is his Christian faith.

  • For new photographers: Go to a library, read a bunch of books and even if it doesn't make sense, consume it, even if you don't practice it, over time things will start to click. Once things start to click, you will have more questions and you can go and read it again, then it will make sense, and you will gain mastery.


Episode Timeline:

  • [02:20] Introducing today's guest, Sean Kim as he narrates the events surrounding his entry into photography.

  • [07:21] How did the relationship between your photography and nature sceneries come about?

  • [14:10] Looking back, from a technical standpoint, when did you start to notice the things you were doing wrong.

  • [17:04] What differences have you observed between street photography and photographing people after creating rapport.

  • [23:34] How do you achieve the concept of comfort in an image that looks sad?

  • [33:24] Sean discusses his editing method.

  • [34:40] What are you currently struggling with, in photography?

  • [39:05] About Sean's book on the year 2020.

  • [41:09] What inspires you to take photos?

  • [47:19] When it comes to the technical side of photography, what is it that you love?

  • [48:38] Sean's advice for new photographers

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