A Tricky Bye Week Weighs Heavily on the Week 9 Fantasy Football Rankings


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4:28 Jordan Howard Kicks Off Our Look at Running Backs
7:13 Has David Montgomery Turned a Corner?
9:44 Jamaal Williams Safe to Play?
12:59 Kenyan Drake's Cardinals Debut
15:38 Jaylen Samuels' Value if James Conner is Out
17:20 Running Backs to Take a Chance on in Week 9
21:26 Putting a Value on Miami's Wide Receivers
25:37 Jarvis Landry a Disappointing WR3
27:51 Curtis Samuel Makes a Surprise Appearance on the Injury Report
30:52 A Robby Anderson Rebound?
33:42 Terry McLaurin Entirely Dependent on Case Keenum
36:07 Wide Receivers to Take a Chance on in Week 9
38:41 Why Won't Everyone Just Trust Matthew Stafford?
41:31 Derek Carr Quietly on a Strong Run
44:45 Realistic Expectations for Lamar Jackson Against the Patriots
48:19 Quarterbacks to Take a Chance on in Week 9
50:54 Jonnu Smith on the Start Radar
52:47 Is Cameron Brate's Low-End TE1 Value Back?
56:27 Free Dallas Goedert!
59:21 Tight Ends to Take a Chance on in Week 9
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