The Week 8 Waiver Wire Paying Immediate Dividends in the Week 8 Rankings


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4:35 Ty Johnson Goes Right from Waiver Wire to Starter
7:34 Carlos Hyde Chugging Along as a Low-End RB2
10:44 Is LeSean McCoy in Control of Kansas City's Backfield?
14:02 Where Do We Stand on Melvin Gordon?
17:25 Mark Walton Making the Dolphins Relevant
20:54 Running Backs to Take a Chance on in Week 8
22:15 RB Injuries to Monitor
22:48 Kenny Stills Also Makes the Waiver-to-Starter Jump
25:25 Ryan Tannehill Lifting Corey Davis and A.J. Brown
28:59 What's Up with Tyler Boyd?
32:10 Jake Gets to Gush about DaeSean Hamilton
35:27 Emmanuel Sanders' Debut with the 49ers
38:33 Wide Receivers to Take a Chance on in Week 8
40:29 WR Injuries to Monitor
41:29 Kirk Cousins Back in Our Good Graces
44:26 Jacoby Brissett Has Earned Our Trust
47:06 Will Things Ever Get Easier for Carson Wentz?
50:14 Quarterbacks to Take a Chance in Week 8
52:07 Gerald Everett the Cream of the TE Outsider Crop?
54:22 Eric Ebron Brings the Touchdown Upside
56:14 Tight Ends to Take a Chance on in Week 8
57:45 TE Injuries to Monitor

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