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Av Harvey, Mick and Paul. oppdaget av Player FM og vårt samfunn — opphavsrett er eid av utgiveren, ikke Plaer FM, og lyd streames direkte fra deres servere. Trykk på Abonner knappen for å spore oppdateringer i Player FM, eller lim inn feed URLen til andre podcast apper.
A sports based podcast guaranteed to Mash Your Tattie. Every week Harvey, Mick and Paul get together to talk about all the latest in their favourite sports including Boxing, MMA, Pro Wrestling, Football and Motorsports. Occasionally we drift in to the weeds and talk about current events and anything else that pops up so grab a beverage, sit back, relax, have a laugh with us and feel free to join in on the conversation by sending us a message with your question or topic suggestion.

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