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Do you want to change your life?
Do you feel stuck?
Like you're going nowhere?
Are you stressed and burnt out?
Do you feel like you don't know which way to turn?
Do you hate feeling like you have to be perfect to get ahead?
Then this show is for you!
My name is Andrea Welker, and you're invited each week to join me as we share stories, and discuss ways to help you feel inspired, laugh, and grow as you take control of your life. Come sit by the fire and warm yourselves, while you learn my personal coping strategies and self-help tips I offer as a life coach and best selling author, to make it through the long nights ahead. You'll occasionally hear inspirational stories from guests, too.
Life can be challenging.
Figuring out which podcasts you listen to shouldn't be.
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Produced by Sacred Hearth Media.
Update: Season two will come out in August.
Join me for round table style discussions, featuring guests and various noteworthy individuals on the Sacred Hearth Podcast! No topic is off the table! While I love writing scripted episodes, sometimes LIVE episodes and the energy they bring, are really fun to be a part of. Join me every month as I sit down with a treasured guest to talk about various topics associated with life coaching, self improvement, de-stressing skills, coping, betterment, and we'll occasionally take listener questions and/or submissions for topics, as well. Other episodes, I will pick a lucky member of the audience to interview for my show. Past topics of the show have included: Healthy Boundaries
Toxic Relationships
Self Help Product Reviews
Grief & Loss
and More!
Live episodes WILL be recorded.
Audience members are encouraged to join me and participate when possible.
TW: Not suitable for all audiences, listener/viewer discretion is advised. By taking part during live episode recordings, participants consent to sharing their story on the podcast, and on associated marketing materials. Follow me on social media: Facebook:
Twitter: @sacredhearthco
LinkedIn: Sacred Hearth Coaching, LLC
Instagram: @sacredhearthcoaching
Tiktok: @sacredhearthcoaching
The podcast is available on all major streaming platforms. Purchase my best selling book here! 50 Mindfulness Exercises for Beginners: Simple Ways You Can Change Your Life

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