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So you probably think the Geordie accent has something to do with the Vikings, right? Well wor lass, you think wrong! Nic’s had a poke around in some serious historical research and has made some very surprising discoveries. Also in this episode – four voiceovers at Newcastle’s recent VO Social chat about how their accents have shaped their careers.

Massive thanks to Leah's slightly confused but enthusiastic mum who picked up a guitar for the first time in years to record old Geordie ballad "The Water of Tyne" for this month's Source Elements ad, and extra thanks to these wonderful voices:

Dan Pye https://www.danpye.com/

Rachel Kershaw https://rachelkershaw.com/

Jack Oddie https://jackoddie.com/

Zoë Hakin https://www.spotlight.com/2611-3425-5215

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Theme tune written and performed by Martin Stirrup under this Creative Commons license.

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