Actor, Singer, Songwriter Ben Barnes of Westworld & The Punisher : Actor and Martial Artist Scott Adkins : The Week in Geek 11/07/21


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Actor, Singer, Songwriter and Thirst Trap Ben Barnes from The Punisher, Westworld, Shadow & Bone, and Prince Caspian is our guest. He has a new EP titled "Songs For You" which is amazing and out now! We talk about the video's that accompany the new songs, and his stint in the Boy Band "Hyrise" We also discuss his interest in playing or creating a new Musical Villian!
Actor and Martial Artist Scott Adkins drops by to talk about his new movie "One Shot" which is out in theaters and streaming. Scott is a prolific actor, stunt man, and martial artist who has shared the big screen with every 80's and 90's action star, as well as Chinese Cinema.
Skungy's Pick of the Week is "Guardians of the Galaxy" Which seems to be a surprisingly fun game with all the humor and music you'd expect from the GotG.
In Top Nerd News we cover the new Book of Boba Fett trailer and D-Squared shares his excitement with seeing more of the alien races that exist in Star Wars. We also cover Stranger Things 4 and the new Bruce Campbell flick "Black Friday" In other news.......Bruce Campbell will be our guest next week!
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