Elvira "Mistress of the Dark" : Mythbuster & Model Rachel Pizzolato : Disney Plus Day : Nintendo Direct : The Week in Geek 9/26/21


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Elvira "Mistress of the Dark" joins the show to talk about her new Memoir ""Cruelly Yours, Elvira" We discuss her new tell all book about her amazing life from Small Town Kansas Girl, to Pop Culture & Horror Icon. She talks about her not so surprising but secret 19 year relationship with a woman. Later we get an amazing story about a Glass Eye, Her Nipple, and Sammy Davis Jr.
Mythbuster, Influencer, Inventor and Model Rachel Pizzolato stops by to talk about the exciting new direction her career has taken. From Paris photoshoots, to Science Fairs, Magazine Covers, and College decisions, we cover it all. Did we mention she has accomplished more than must of us at age 14. She's now 17 and crushing it. Did we mention she also has 1.4 MILLION Tik Tok Followers?!?!
In Top Nerd News we cover the upcoming Disney Plus Day, the Nintendo Direct Info Dump, Night Teeth, and the new Mario Voice casting decisions.
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