The Week in Geek's Holiday Tradition : The Gifts for Geeks Spectacular!!! 12/5/21


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It's that time of year. The annual Gifts for Geeks Holiday Spectacular! Having trouble trying to figure out what to get the Geek in your life? Never Fear! The Week in Geek is here!
We cover a wide array of gifts including, Board Games, Whiskey Decanters, Nostalgia Memorabilia, and even knock off Lego's. We also have some ideas for the part time cosplayer, or the morbid Pokémon fan who already has everything. So sit back and grab your pen and paper and get ready to knock out all your Christmas shopping right now! DON"T FORGET TO SHOP LOCAL
We start off the show with Top Nerd News, and we cover the list of movies that are slated to drop before Christmas. We also talk about the new Netflix movie "Don't Look Up" with J-Law and DiCaprio and why this movie may be closer to fact than fiction.
All that and more on The Week in Geek with D Squared. Sunday nights at 7pm on and the Free iHeart Radio App. Make sure you Click the SUBSCRIBE button so you never miss a new episode. Follow us on Twitter @TWIGradio and The Week in Geek on Instagram. 12/5/21

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