Warren Davis : Creator of the Iconic 80's Video Game Q-Bert : The Game Awards Winners & New Game Announcements : TWIG 12/12/21


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Warren Davis, Creator of the Iconic 80's Video Game Q-Bert stops by to talk about his new book coming out December 21st "Creating Q*Bert and Other Classic Video Arcade Games". We discuss the impact and residuals surrounding the game Q*Bert. As well as Laser Disc Games like Dragons Lair, and the dawn of "real-life" images brought into games like Mortal Kombat & Revolution X.
We kick off the show with Top Nerd News, and the release of the new "Sonic 2" trailer, and the new season of "Cobra Kai"
Later we cover the winners and losers of "The Game Awards" and recap all the new games and trailers that were announced during the broadcast.
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