Conversion therapy


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In this episode the guys take on the subject of converting models, an updated primer with all the additions of how technology has progressed since the last conversion episode (roughly three years ago) we cover a wide slew of alternatives for the seasoned and amateur hobbyist alike! Do you want to know how to make even your most feverish dreams of heresy manifest on the table where you play? Or are you just looking for some ideas on how to improve your current palette of skills? Rookie or veteran? something for everyone in here, Don't believe me! well, get in here! Furthermore we laud the return of a long beloved member ascending to the hobby Mt. olympus once again, NAMELY! ....hear for yourself hobby scallywags ;) 00 intro and mission statement and current goings on! 00:35 Main segment in regards to hobby conversion, skills and the magic, NAY, sorcery! of 3d printing 02;27;13 Johnny cash's dulcet tones 02;29;13 outro and incitement to the warmaster cause for the global campaign! check out all our social medias, as well as the following sites about bits

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