The varangian heresy Episode 87-Unit wishlist-What to come. potential additions!


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in this episode 87 of The varangian heresy podcast, we discuss units not yet covered by Forgeworld in the heresy ,how they have been implemented by This very podcast, others who have done so, as well as covering the sensitive subjects of hobby challenges. We only slightlty derail for our new junior host to rant wildly about the atramentar, foam and spittle flying from his jaw as he discusses the INJUSTICE of them being excluded. we also discuss the possibilities of adding Xenos (Gasp!) Robots (HORROR!) as well as the danish meta (SWOON!) 00: Intro hobby progress and upcoming hobby dreams 00:39:00 Unit wishlist, dreams of providence 02:08:00 Outro, mutov campagin, upcoming We close the episode about discussing the new AWESOME Mutov campaign, organized by the great Eye Of Horus podcast. Check it out here! check out "death of hope" if you havent

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