podcast episode 92/ Crusade part 2&3 Dark angels with the indomitable Dom


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aaaaaand we're back! In the much, MUCH delayed and desired we have a dashingly delightful design for divinities dark. IE, the first legion. We have the indomitable Dom from the #roadtoterrapodcast over to provide us with his keen insight into Dark angels, the machinations of the mysterious first primarch and the joys of shooting two disintegrator guns at the same time! We go through the Dark angels, RoW, new units, field data acquired, the "recent" brexit and "current news" of the storming of political houses. Thanks god that aged well! timestamps 00:00 intro, current (!?) projects, and goings on 00:29 Book nine Crusade Dark angels special extravaganza. Rites of war, fluff, Greek linguistics and plasma guns galore! With the amazing Mr. Dom 03:38:10 Outro. Future projects!?!

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