The 1978 World Cup in Argentina


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In our first World Cup-themed episode, we look at arguably the most controversial World Cup of them all: Argentina 78. It is a World Cup that is tied up in politics more than any other, but as well as discussing the social and political backdrop to the tournament, we did explore some of the football on the pitch too. We were delighted to be joined by Rhys Richards to discuss all things Argentina 78 ahead of the release of his book, Blood on the Crossbar: The Dictatorship’s World Cup.
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Matt Choices:

  1. Cruyff’s no show at World Cup 78
  2. Argentina 6-0 Peru
  3. Mario Kempes winning the Golden Boot

Marc’s Choices

  1. The debut of the Adidas Tango
  2. Clive Thomas’ final whistle for Brazil v Sweden
  3. France’s green and white shirt

Rhys’ Choices

  1. The assassination of General Actis
  2. Willie Johnston’s failed drugs test
  3. César Luis Menotti

Music: Chimez by Dan Henig

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