Clean Talk | EP 48 | Part 2 | Intentional Goals for Long-Term Infection Control w/ Isis Lamphier


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In this week’s episode of Clean Talk, Isis Lamphier, Infection Preventionist at Moffitt Cancer Center, joins us to share her mission at Moffitt and what she is doing to achieve her infection prevention goals.
Tune in to find out about:
• Isis’ background and what brought her to where she is today
• About Moffit Cancer Center and their mission
• Isis’ role as an Infection Preventionist
• Isis’ focus on Sterile Processing & procedures
• HAI trends and prevention implementation
• The increase in CAUTI, CLABSI, Respiratory Infections & Fungal Infections
• How chemo increases patients’ chances of contraction
• How infections could be related to increased mask usage or prolonged use of the same mask
• The latest surgical facility opening up at McKinley
• Experience writing for Infection Control today
• What to expect for the future of Moffit Cancer Center
• Predictions for the future of Infection Prevention in long-term care
Isis Lamphier is a board-certified Infection Preventionist at Moffitt Cancer Center, an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center in Florida. She entered the field of infection prevention and control after completing her Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Health in Epidemiology at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.
While she is currently in the acute-care setting, she has previously worked at the county health department and a long-term care facility as an infection preventionist. She is also a freelance author for the magazine, Infection Control Today- a publication dedicated to content around quality improvement, risk management, mitigation, and epidemiology for healthcare professionals.
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