Adversity Inspires Success


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Success needs clues and we are here to help you find them.

Today’s clue is provided to us by American self-help author, best known for “Think and grow rich”, Napoleon Hill.

Absolutely inspiring, this may be one of the strangest principles of the 17 principles of success that Napoleon Hill has written about.

This principle allows us to create an asset out of every adversity, every disappointment, every defeat, and every failure that we experience.

To learn from any form of adversity or past failures enables us to grow, predict and apply what you we have learnt, with the ultimate inevitable result of success within that adversity and situation.

Listen to how Franklin D. Roosevelt was inspired through his adversity, thus becoming one the longest serving presidents of the United States.

Everything that we go through can be a seed of benefit even the loss of a loved one, like the loss of Napoleon Hill’s mother at the age of eight.

Always be ready to find the benefit from the adversity, learn, adapt and develop for your future successful you.

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