Shhhhh.... | INTO THE SILENCE JULY 2022


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Join me Into the Silence this JULY! 👩🏽‍🚀🌌✨ A 30-day journey to DEEP INNER SPACE. It's a chance for you to tune out the NOISE of the world an IN to your heart's deepest truth.

What's included:

- Potent resources & instructional videos

- Daily Meditative Voice Notes (M-F)

- Your own Day of Silence Button

- Email support & guidance

- BONUS: Align Your Life Masterclass

$222 | Enrolment closes July 1st.

Click here for the full details & sign-up link.

“When you rest in stillness, you notice the momentum of your habits and urges, but you don’t act on them. You actually experience the moment – the feel of the wind on your skin, subtle sounds you never noticed before. You can tell what your body wants and needs. You are here, alive, receptive. It’s both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time.”

— Dr. Gail Brenner

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