Transcendence through Love


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Speaker: Vince Klassen

Throughout our lives we hear stories, or maybe if we are really lucky we get to be part of these stories of people doing incredible things for each other:

  • risking life and limb for strangers
  • giving something valuable to us to another person just to make them smile
  • love between two people that overcomes adversity and time

There is something about these acts that always feel special to me. The kind of special that makes me feel like something amazing just happened, even something divine.
As we close off this series, we are going to explore the final pathway to Transcending the Physical. We’ve looked at supernatural entities. We’ve seen how stories (beliefs we hold) can create a connection to something More. This week we are going to explore connecting to Transcendence through the ways we interact with the people around us, and the way they interact with us. In a word, through Love.
This is a great jumping off point for your summer months so invite someone who might need to hear this, and join us at the Spiritual Gym.

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