Bonus - Why Do We Tell Stories? (Part One)


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Part One in the first season of Stories from the Hearth's non-fiction series: The Wandering Bard. Each season of this bonus series examines a different aspect of the history and nature of storytelling, as well as the various roles it plays in our lives. In season one of The Wandering Bard, we ask the question “Why do we tell stories?”

In today's episode, we will be examining how storytelling has been utilised throughout human history to make sense of the world around us.

In the next instalment of The Wandering Bard, we will be looking at how storytelling creates, preserves, and challenges our cultures.

The aim of Stories from the Hearth is to rekindle its listeners' love for the ancient art of storytelling (and story-listening), and to bring some small escapism to the frantic energies of the modern world.

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