Flint Hills Volunteer Center - Suicide Awareness P.A.C.T. Ep 11 - Pastor Troy Hartman


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Troy Hartman is the pastor of the Rock Hills Church in Manhattan, Kansas. In this episode of Suicide P.A.C.T., Pastor Troy shares how recklessness in his younger years led him to dark places, and how he was able to find peace through faith, and turn his life around. It's a profound interview.
“P.A.C.T.” is an acronym for “Prevention, Awareness, Compassion, Training.” It’s a collaborative effort with the Flint Hills Volunteer Center, the Kansas Health Foundation, AmeriCorps Seniors, and the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation. In the PACT podcast series, we’ll visit with community members and professionals to address the various myths and the stigma associated with suicide.
If you know someone who may be considering suicide, please share these stories and click here for more.
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