Let's Get Renewed In Our Spirit!


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It's time to become renewed in our spirit so that we welcome 2019 with an energetic clear slate! (Repeat Episode) The energy during this time of year of about cleaning and clearing so let's get started TOGETHER! Call in number: 657-383-0285 Master Intuitive Life Coach & Spiritual Healer, Tammy Adams is back for another season of KarmaTalk! Listen in and take this opportunity to learn from the Master so you can move forward on your spiritual journey and establish communication with spirit guides and angels! To receive information about Tammy's upcoming events, classes, and monthly Angel messages, sign up for her mailing list today! Visit AskTammyAdams.com to sign-up! Want a reading with Tammy? Call 916-930-0781 Facebook and IG: @asktammyadams

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