Making the Most of Email Marketing with TargetBay


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In the latest episode of the Ecwid E-commerce Show, hosts Jesse and Rich interview Pon Pandian Paulswamy, co-founder of TargetBay.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Using TargetBay to launch automation tools, initiate review requests, and promotion.
  • The importance of review collection, not only for social proof but for organic growth in Google search and Google Shopping.
  • Repurposing reviews for promotion and content.
  • Images and product usage shots as powerful assets for marketing.
  • Gathering email lists organically, as well as with on-site pop ups, and in conjunction with sales.
  • Using coupons as a way to incentivize subscription to your email list.
  • Education for subscription attraction.
  • Managing and segmenting your lists by interaction level.
  • Setting up automatic trigger emails such as cart abandonment email.
  • Using reviews and email interactions to develop humanized, situation appropriate, automated responses.
  • The importance of cookies for staying connected with every potential customer.
  • And more!

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