#153 Tore Enger - Lessons From Entrepreneurship, TECO 2030 & How To Cut Emissions In Shipping


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Tore Enger founded TECO Group in 1994 and is a true entrepreneur of the maritime industry. His latest company TECO 2030 was established in 2019 with the goal to accelerate the green transition in the maritime sector by delivering technology that helps ships to reduce their environmental footprint.

We cover:

00:00 - Intro

00:52 - How Tore Enger founded the TECO Group

05:30 - Why he wanted to be an entrepreneur

07:18 - Why TECO has been a success for a long time

08:35 - Decarbonization in shipping and cruise

14:35 - What customers TECO 2030 are after

16:00 - How TECO 2030 landed a gigafactory in Narvik

18:30 - New-build versus retrofitting

20:00 - Leadership philosophy and hiring

24:17 - Biggest milestone for TECO 2030 going forward

28:20 - Best book and advice for young professionals


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TECO 2030 accelerates the green transition in the maritime sector by delivering technology that helps ships to reduce their environmental and climate impacts. TECO 2030 is developing hydrogen fuel cells that enable ships and other heavy-duty applications to become emissions-free. Learn more about TECO 2030

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