More Than A Dispatcher - Special Guest: Kevin Oliver of Yes! Air Conditioning and Plumbing


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In today’s show, we are putting Kevin Oliver in your passenger seat or probably more likely in your ear as we discuss dispatching and more. Dispatching is a critical piece to any home services company and the impact of the dispatching role cannot be overlooked. A dispatcher more than perhaps any other employee in the company knows the “pulse” of the day and the technicians. He or she knows if Frank is having a tough stretch, if the revenue goal is going to be hit, or if Jamie is on the way to going 4 for 4. A dispatcher is a coach, confidant, encourager, director, alley-ooper, and so much more. Kevin Oliver shares his expertise gained over years in the customer service and dispatching world. Kevin sets the pace for what is truly possible in the dispatching role and gives some great advice for both the office side and the field side of the dispatching process.

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