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Today I speak with IFBB Pro Milene Lingiardi, a full time civil engineer who works with renewable energy and recently had her pro debut at Golden State Pro in Sacramento, CA. Originally from Brazil, she started lifting in her first year of college in 2009, and went into her first bodybuilding competition in the end of 2019. She started following a plant-based diet in January of 2021 after watching the documentary The Game Changers and have not looked back since then. Milene talks about using both positive and negative experiences as learning opportunities and how that has helped her all through life. She talks about the benefits of taking a more flexible approach and how that can help with stress levels. We hear why Milene switched to a plant-based diet and how it is working for her. Milene shares so many lessons. You don’t want to miss this interview! Topics covered include: -switching to a plant-based diet -leaner isn’t always better -there’s always room for improvements -life outside of bodybuilding -new types of training splits -the importance of consistency -Working with Paul Revelia -understanding your Why -beauty standard in Brazil -working as a civil engineer CONNECT WITH CELESTE: Website: Instagram: All Links: CONNECT WITH MILENE: Instagram: Youtube: TIME STAMPS 1:00 introduction 3:21 current feelings on prep 8:45 gaining confidence to trust her body 11:50 lessons learned from last prep 14:59 improvement season versus prep 21:42 finding the right foods and going plant-based 28:00 using a different approach 32:30 explaining her Why 33:44 how she’s changed from when she started 36:38 deciding to compete 41:03 support system 42:14 working as a civil engineer 49:10 how lessons in bodybuilding translates to outside goals 51:45 advice for competitors CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE FREE FOOD RELATIONSHIP COACHING SERIES CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE FREE POST SHOW BLUES COACHING SERIES LEARN MORE AND APPLY FOR MY 5 WEEK FOOD RELATIONSHIP HEALING & DISCOVERY COACHING PROGRAM FOR OTHER FREE RESOURCES, LIVE EVENTS, AND WAYS TO WORK WITH CELESTE CLICK HERE

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