Allison Skewes | Bread Benders, Quinoa Whiskey, and Weight Loss Drugs


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In this bonus episode of Results Not Typical, Nikki and Pilates teacher Allison Skewes unpack why Gwyneth Paltrow's latest commentary about her quarantine diet was so problematic and the social implications of a New York Times article about a new weight loss drug.

They discuss:

  • Why we shouldn't normalize socially acceptable and celebrated examples of disordered eating
  • Why you shouldn't fear carbs and why it's important to consider diet on an individual and nuanced level and not look to celebrities or pop culture for advice
  • The classism and racist underpinnings in demonizing foods - particularly if they are more affordable
  • Why a weight loss pill isn't a solution for weight bias
  • Why the medical establishment needs to better education on weight bias, so people are properly tested and treated for health conditions regardless of their size

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