Back To Basics: Avoid Analysis Paralysis in Your Health Journey with Josh Holland


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In This Episode: Jef sits down with Josh Holland, a movement specialist who loves to experiment with different biohacks to optimize his life and wellbeing. Josh loves to share the latest of his experiments with friends and family, and today has shared these with us as well. He takes us through his Pillars of Health and discusses choosing the "low hanging fruit" to make small changes that have great impact on your long term health. Episode Guest: Josh Holland Joshua J Holland is a wealth of experiential knowledge and wisdom. As a dedicated bio hacker, state of the art fitness trainer, holistic health coach and sports professional, he champions the philosophy of “awareness through experience,” and has subsequently spent years consulting with elite professionals with the goal of building a vast well in which to draw from when evoking alignment of body, mind and spirit for his clients. Website(s): Show Notes: 00:30 - Intro to Josh 08:10 - Josh's health issues and concerns that led him to the biohacking sphere 17:55 - Cold packs, tin foil windows; a look into Josh's biohacking experiments 23:15 - Low hanging fruit - for someone looking to get into this stuff, what's the easiest way? 31:40 - Josh's Pillars of Health and building one upon another 43:40 - Cliffs notes for the remaining Pillars, starting with optimizing sleep and recovery 49:15 - Rest days - how much rest? 53:45 - Primal movement vs. advanced movements 59:30 - Wrapping up: health, technology, and analysis paralysis 1:08:45 - Where to find Josh

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