Tyron Groenewald And HRV- A Weight Loss Journey


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Five years ago, Tyron Groenewald was overweight, stressed out, and sick. After his cardiologist diagnosed him with left ventricular hypertrophy — a condition where the ventricles have to work harder to pump blood, resulting in an enlarged heart muscle — Groenewald decided to make some major lifestyle changes to prioritize his health. His hard work has paid off. Just half a decade later, 35-year-old Groenewald is down 114 pounds, he runs every day, and his left ventricle now measures within a normal range. Along with implementing a healthier diet and more physical activity, Groenewald says measuring his heart rate variability daily — he’s currently on a 1100+ day streak of using his Elite HRV monitor — has been a key part of his health journey. ## **In This Episode** Tyron tells us all about his weight loss journey as well as the tools he used to achieve and maintain it. Hear how Tyron uses the data he gets everyday from using the Elite HRV app to understand how his body is responding to various inputs - be it food, exercise, cold therapy, etc. ## **Show Notes** 01:30 - Introduction to Tyron 05:00 - Tyron's 115 lb weight loss journey 15:30 - How the Elite HRV app has helped Tyron become and stay healthy 17:30 - How Tyron's diet has evolved throughout his journey 24:30 - Tyron's strategy of using time-restricted feeding to optimize his HRV 30:00 - Tyron's motivation for maintaining his weight loss 34:30 - How Tyron interprets his HRV data 41:30 - Cold exposure and how Tyron has used it to train his autonomic nervous system 47:00 - How Tyron's used running and weight lifting to help achieve and maintain weight loss 51:30 - Using Elite HRV to monitor super-compensation 57:00 - The importance of informing yourself in order to make progress

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