Game of Thrones Recap with Pat Sponaugle!


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We've made it easy for you, Pat Sponaugle and I (Hadas!) got together for a Game of Thrones recap chat to prepare for the final season.

It's finally here! The last season of Game of Thrones is upon us. Literally, it starts tonight. Do you remember who's who? Who's alive and who's not so much? What open questions are left to answer? Pat and I get into it.

If you feel lost, don't worry, I ask Pat so many questions you'll probably be a pro after listening. Check out for a more textual cheat sheet.

Pat writes about Game of Thrones for Watchers on The Wall and on his own site! He's also pretty active on the Twitters.

You can find me, Hadas, right here on Common Room or on Instagram and Twitter as Hadsterific.

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