Pull It Up - Episode 16 - S12


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Pull It Up - Episode 16 (Saison 12) Du 18 Decembre 2020.
Tracklist :
Ken Boothe - You're No Good
Black Uhuru - Wood For My Life
Pat Kelly - Im In Love With You
Dennis Brown - Together Brothers
Marcia Aitken And Trinity - Im Not A Queen - Duck Boy
Paula Clarke - University
Culture And Prince Mohammid - Zion Gate Forty Leg Dread
Sammy Dread And Lee Van Cliff - My Princess - Get Up And Skank
Barrington Levy - A Yah We Deh
Don Carlos - Nice Time (Late Night Blues)
The Viceroys - Thay Can't Stop Us Now
Little John & Billy Boyo - What You Want To Be / Disc Jockey
Cornell Campbell And Trinity - Two Timer - Video Man
Al Brown - Don't give your love
Bunny Wailer - Battering Down Sentence
The Gladiators - Freedom Train
The Mighty Diamonds & Toyan - Pretty Woman
Joy White - It's My House
Don Carlos - Black History

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