Pull It Up - Episode 18 - S13


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Pull It Up - Episode 18 (Saison 12) Du 31 Decembre 2021.
Tracklist :
Bob Marley - Who Colt The Game
Prince Alla - Heaven In My Roof
Burning Spear - Throw Down Your Arms
Errol Dunkley - Beware
African Princess - Jah Children Cry
Jimmy Riley - Only Jah
General Jennings - Natty Palace
The Abyssinians - Love Comes And Goes
Sammy Dread And Puppa Tullo - Morning Love
Barbara Jones Feat Trinity - Soul And Devotion
Hugh Griffiths Feat Ranking Joe - I Need A Woman Love
Winston Watson And Dillinger - Dispensation And Lion Rock
Tamlins - Baby I Need You
Anthony Johnson And Jah Thomas - Mystic Woman And Dub Wise
The Cordells - Let I Go
Junior Ross & The Spears - Bad More Than That
Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse
Sonya Spence - Jet Plane
Junior Byles - I Don't Know
The Gladiators - Ship Whitout A Capitain
Don Carlos And Goly Locks - Dance Gate
Dennis Brown - I Cant Stand It
Natan Skyers - Dreadlocks In The Family

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