Pull It Up - Episode 20 - S13


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Pull It Up - Episode 20 (Saison 12) Du 14 Janvier 2021.
Tracklist :
Donsome Records - Freedom Sound Riddim
Anthony B - Want To Be Free
Kings And Comrades - Rise To The Top
Ammoye - Stop And Smell The Roses
King Tappa - Love Spell
Junior Kelly - No More Lies
Mykal Rose - I Give You Love
Marina Peralta - Freedom Fighters
Big Mountain - Hear That Sound
Lutan Fyah - Fade Away
Chezidek - Good People
Chezidek Feat Perfect Giddimani - Good People (Johnny Good)
Richie Spice - Greatest
Pressure - Likes Of Jah
Kanka Feat. Joseph Lalibela - The Lion Is Real
Max Romeo - Intimidation - World Of Ghouls
Dynasty Records - 7 Series Riddim
Bobby Hustle - Stand Guard
Zagga - Better Life
Gappy Ranks - Buss Mi Gun
Turbulence - Not Afraid
Simmer Down Sounds - Solar Riddim
Mykal Rose - My Best
Perfect Giddimani - Prophecy
Twiggi - Break Free
Prezident Brown - Experience And Knowledge
Ranking Joe - Ganja Roll Out
Turbulence - Glory Be
Aaron Nigel Smith - Long Time
Tuff Like Iron - Cool And Deadly
Jubba White Frassman Brilliant Arturas - Rise And Shine
Warrior Sound Music - Fireheart Riddim
Kumar - Imagine
Kingseyesd - Don'T Play Shy
Nature Ellis - Conquer
Cali P & Téka - When You Hold Me - Vizion
Micah Shemaiah - Roots Rock Sound - Still
Teacha Dee - Time Machine - Time Machine
Ub40 - Did You See That? Feat Pablo Rider - Bigga Baggariddim
Joe Sambo - Create Something - Crazy Little Village
Xana Romeo - For My King - The Roots Of X
Gaffa Blue Production - Padlock Riddim
Tenna Star - I Found Love
Chardel Rhoden - Love Burd
Dixie Peach - Crazy Love
Janet Lee Davis - Key To Your Heart
Patrick Aba Ariginal - Rock With Matic

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