How to Shift Out of Survival Mode into Growth


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In This Episode: To realize our hopes and dreams we need energy and clarity of purpose. But, the global pandemic has rocked our physical and mental well-being, leaving many of us stuck in survival mode. In this episode of the Elite HRV podcast, we speak with Jonathan Moore, founder of Legacy Coaching, where we explore the mindset and tools his clients have used to successfully breakthrough survival mode towards stability and growth. Episode Guest: Jonathan Moore Jonathan has a background as a brain-based chiropractor with over 20 years clinical experience. His main focus over that time has been on the impacts that stress has on the brain, and the results that overload has on the health of a person. Website(s): Show Notes: 00:23 - Intro 2:55 - How the pandemic has changed Jonathan's coaching practice day to day 5:36 - How the brain fits into chiropractic practice 8:35 - The physiological difference between someone stuck in survival mode and someone with stress resilience 10:00 - "Wrestle or Run" stress response 13:25 - Getting back into recovery - or not 17:30 - How Jonathan's practice tries to support their clients moving from survival mode to growth mode 22:00 - How mindset affects your ability to recover and reach your goals 28:00 - Creating internal stability 34:00 - How community and companions are crucial to sustaining your internal stability 37:15 - How putting forth your "best life" or your "performance life" on social media does **not** contribute to your inner stability 39:25 - What is success in "growth mode?" 46:00 - Legacy Coaching and where to find Jonathan Full transcript at

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