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Become motivated and reach your potential by listening to The Dr Asa Show hosted by Dr Asa Andrew, MD, the world's leading 3-Time Physician on performance and longevity, #1 sought after speaker, best-selling author, Reality TV producer, CEO, entrepreneur, top rated daily TV show with over 120 million viewers, and host of the #1 Ranked 3-hour syndicated daily health talk radio show globally. On his podcast, The Dr Asa Show, Dr. Asa Andrew answers questions on subjects like health, wellness, personalized nutrition, fitness, medicine, lifestyle, psychology, and you will find a blend of the radio show, special celebrity interviews, #AskDrAsa, Q&A, keynote speeches, Reality TV, and the overall journey. Have a Question? Text me 1-407-698-3814 DM me @DrAsa Tweet me @DrAsa Email me

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