Wonder Woman Movie Review with Summer!


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This one's from the archives and not spoiler-free.

Meet Summer

Summer, my friend from the International Geek Girl Pen Pals club, is one of the biggest Wonder Woman fans I know. Summer poked me right away. She had to be on the episode of Common Room where we review the Wonder Woman movie, and so here we are.

Show Notes

  • Lots of spoilers.
  • Did Wonder Woman meet everyone's expectations, hopes, and dreams?
  • How did Gal Gadot, a relative unknown, do as this monumental heroine?
  • What makes a good villain story?
  • Was the movie absent of a male gaze?
  • Wonder Woman's creator

Listen in and maybe take some time to rewatch. It's been an actual year. :) Twitter: www.twitter.com/comromco, www.twitter.com/hadsterific, www.twitter.com/thefinchery Facebook: www.facebook.com/comromco Website: www.comrom.co

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